This cluster brings together researchers working on migrations and ageing, in an attempt to understand how these phenomena challenge the different societal models.


About migration (from the local to the international level), our researchers are studying interactions between economic and environmental aspects of migration but also changes in individuals’ ability to adapt to their environment in the course of their development.


About ageing, some studies concern the organization of work (aged workers), the distribution of care between families and professionals for people with dementia, the care giver role and its burden for elderly (more than 75 years old) but also seniors (in between 55 and 65 years old), the allocation of social benefits to vulnerable persons between family and public solidarities, both the anthropological and religious places of interior life for the elderly.

In this sense, this cluster draws in part on researchers already working together within the research group called GRIVES. However, its aims is to go beyond that by foraying into new research fields (e.g. rights of the elderly, contribution of ICT, biology of ageing, etc.).

Ongoing research projects

  • 2020-2023: Life course, work and disabilities | N. Burnay
  • 2017-2022: Strengthening community mediation spaces for young people in situations of violence and psychosocial suffering | N. Rigaux
  • 2020-2021: Management of databases dedicated to the mental health evaluation platform "Etest" | M. Desseilles & F. Peeters
  • 2020-2021 : Le morcellement des politiques publiques et son impact sur la prise en charge des enfants de 0 à 3 ans présentant un problème de santé mentale et sur l’effectivité de leurs droits | A-C. Rasson & G. Mathieu
  • 2019-2020: Electronic psychological tests to quantify self and assist in screening, diagnosis, follow-up and prognosis | M. Desseilles & F. Peeters
  • 2018-… : Survey: Social impact of the ASBL's intervention AIde à Domicile in Rural Areas | N. Burnay