Democratic transformations

Ongoing institutional economic environmental or migratory tensions are transforming the way our political systems operate. Some of these effects are marginal or cyclical but others lead to deep and structural transformations in our social models over the long term.

The research team on Democratic Transformations focuses on how these tensions affect models of governance citizen behavior and the conduct of public action within our political systems from the local to the regional national and European levels.

This team brings together researchers on issues such as climate governance populism minority representation citizen participation electoral behavior party systems and the personalization of politics - all of which touch on the philosophical foundations of modern democracies.

Methodological and epistemological diversity is one of the center's strengths enabling it to study these democratic transformations using a variety of analytical approaches (process-tracing, historical longitudinal analysis, comparative approach, case study, etc.) and data analysis methods (discourse analysis, machine & deep learning techniques, interviews, ethnographic observation, quantitative analysis for panel and cross-sectional data, etc.).

Ongoing research projects